Have you been

cheated by


You aren't alone.

My family traveled to New York for a month-long stay, but was not allowed to access the property we’d reserved on VRBO. That was nearly two years ago, and VRBO still denies any wrongdoing. If this has happened to you too, or if VRBO has cheated you in some other way, you are in the right place!

Imagine being over 2,000 miles from home, excited for a vacation you have spent hours planning and months saving for. You arrive at the vacation rental you booked a year in advance, only to find out that the owner sold the property months before your arrival, and it isn’t even a VRBO rental any more. You are standing on the doorstep in an unfamiliar area with your entire family, twelve suitcases in-hand, and exhausted from a full day of traveling. What now?

This exact scenario happened to me.

VRBO advertised itself to me as a safe and reliable way to book vacation rentals. In fact, one of the reasons I booked through them is their “Book With Confidence Guarantee.” I understood that the “Book With Confidence Guarantee” was supposed to cover me, if I experienced fraud, cancellation, or other problems. Sadly, in my case, and I assume in other cases, VRBO made excuses, and refused to honor its guarantee.

I can tell you how I took a stand and held VRBO responsible

If you find yourself in a situation like mine, you might wonder what you can do? Here are the things that helped me:

Spot the red flagsbefore your trip 1
Keep good records 2